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What are the benefits to the CUPW member?

CUPW members can participate in any of the activities and services that Family and Child Care Connections offers, including workshops and training, drop-in playgroups and our resource lending libraries.

Child Care Subsidies for Members in the St. John's Local

In addition to providing funding for the resource centre, the CUPW Child Care Fund provides childcare subsidies for members from the St. John's Local who qualify. You may qualify for a subsidy that covers 40% of your child care fees, if your child:

  • is cared for in a Family and Child Care Connections affiliated family child care home;
  • attends a not-for-profit group day care centre (contact Family and Child Care Connections for a list of eligible centres); or

In addition to these subsidies, the centre offers some support to members who work early morning, evening and midnight shifts. For more information about this support, please contact us.

To qualify for subsidies and subsidized care

You must contact Family and Child Care Connections if you would like to apply for a child care subsidy. If you would like to know if you are eligible, or have any questions about the programs and subsidies offered, please contact us.

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