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Why choose a child care provider who is affiliated with Family and Child Care Connections?

It can sometimes be hard to find child care that meets your child's and your family's needs. Family and Child Care Connections recruits, screens, and maintains a list of family child care providers who meet the standards we have developed for quality care. Family and Child Care Connections is licensed byThe Department of Education and Early Childhood Development under the Child Care Legislation. Located in St. John's, we are proud to be the first family child care agency formed and licensed in Newfoundland and Labrador.

All Family and Child Care Connections-approved family child care providers are screened and monitored to make sure they meet the guidelines outlined in Newfoundland and Labrador's Child Care Legislation and our standards. These guidelines and standards ensure that the wellbeing of everyone involved-children, child care providers and parents-are maintained. Family and Child Care Connections also provides training and support to family child care providers.

The Family Child Care Agency maintains a registry of family child care providers in the St. John's and surrounding area who have spaces available and can help parents and providers connect.

A child care subsidy is available to CUPW members once an appropriate child care setting and provider are approved by Family and Child Care Connections. Click here for more information about subsidies.

For more information about the benefits of choosing Family and Child Care Connections click here.


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