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What is family child care?

In family child care, children are cared for in the home of their child care provider. The child care provider's home is not transformed into a day care centre. Instead, the children spend time in the atmosphere of a family home.

Family child care is community-based and flexible enough to meet a variety of families' needs. Child care providers may contract directly to parents or may be affiliated with a supervising agency.

What is a family child care provider?

Family child care providers are self-employed individuals whose family child care is their home-based business. They are not considered employees of Family and Child Care Connections but can become approved under the family child care agency licence. To become an approved child care provider of the Family Child Care Agency, they must follow the regulations outlined in Newfoundland and Labrador's Child Care  Legislation.

Family child care providers work in partnership with the parents of the children in their care. The child care provider's role is to provide a safe, stimulating environment, to develop a warm and secure relationship with each child in her or his care and to meet those children's individual and group needs.


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