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Training and Professional Development

Family Child Care Orientation Training Program

To become approved with our Family Child Care Agency, child care providers must complete the first level of the Family Child Care Orientation Training Program.

Our Family Child Care Agency offers the training regularly at the Family Resource Centre, at #50 Pippy Place, in St. John's, NL. For directions, see our contact page. The program of study is done in 12 modules spread out over a six month period. To those providers who wish to become approved with the agency and are unable to attend, self study can be arranged through the agency.

Level one is also open to others interested in learning about family child care, if space is available at that time.

Levels two and three are also offered at the Family Resource Centre as additional professional development opportunities.

The Child Care Services Certification Program also offers the training as a self-study program. The program can be reached by contacting (709) 579-3028 or (709) 579-3004.

Professional Development

The home visitors of the agency and approved family child care providers must be approved by the Child Care Services Certification Program of Newfoundland and Labrador. To keep their certification, staff and child care providers must complete 30 hours of professional development every three years.

Home visitors will help family child care providers design an individual professional development plan. The plan will identify skills the provider would like to develop, and outline the content for professional development, time frame, methods of delivery and evaluation process.

The Family Child Care Agency is committed to promoting quality child care by helping staff and child care providers stay up-to-date in their skills and new, current and best practices in family child care.

We offer other professional development opportunities at least once every month. Workshops and training are facilitated by agency staff, or in collaboration with qualified individuals, other agencies or educational institutions.

First Aid

Family and Child Care Connections offers on-site first aid training, free of charge to approved child care providers. The training is approved by the Family Child Care Agency as required by the Child Care legislation.

Other Workshops and Training

For information about our other workshops and training, see Workshops and Training.


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